How to Get Married in Hong Kong

There are lots of foreigner couples from around the world coming to get married in Hong Kong. As one of the leading wedding planners for foreigners getting married in Hong Kong, our mission is to help foreigner couples register their Hong Kong marriage in a hassle-free way. Our team now assists more than 100 wedding couples getting married in Hong Kong in every year and we will walk you through the whole marriage process from preparing the application documents to the day you receive your official Hong Kong marriage certificate

As you may know, Hong Kong marriage is so popular around the world because of its simple procedure of registration as well as the minimal requirements. Even only being a tourist is able to get married here in Hong Kong! You can have more details of why foreigners register their marriage in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Marriage Registration.

While you may not have any idea about how to get married in Hong Kong right now, to make things easier for you, we will help you gather all the required paper work for the necessary filings before your arrival in Hong Kong, so that you can travel to Hong Kong as short as 3 days before the wedding day for once. During your short stay in Hong Kong, your marriage will be officially registered in Hong Kong and you will receive your Hong Kong marriage certificate on the wedding day. As we will guide you through the whole registration process from preparing the necessary paper to the day your Hong Kong marriage is officially registered. You can always stay relaxed in the whole process and enjoy your precious moments as much as you want throughout.

Please check out Foreigner Wedding Couples for some ideas of Hong Kong wedding ceremony and Reviews for the after-feel of our wedding couples. They simply look gorgeous and had a great time in the wedding!


Simple Marriage Ceremony at Hong Kong Marriage Registry

We love simple things. If you are looking for a simple yet memorable wedding ceremony in the Hong Kong marriage registry but just wondering how to get everything started, we are able to help for sure! We are very experienced in helping foreigner wedding couples get married in Hong Kong with the official paperwork only. We can guide you through the whole process so that you can enjoy your Hong Kong marriage without hassle. 


FREE Advices on Marriage Requirements, Application Timeline and Registration Procedure for Hong Kong Marriage Registration

No worries if you have no idea how to get everything started. If you have any questions to ask about how to get married in Hong Kong or want some tips on the necessary documents, suggested application timeline and registration fees etc., you could simply leave your questions at Questions about how to get married in Hong Kong. We will be able to get back to you in 24 hours most of the time!

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Thanks to this Facebook feature, we are now able to arrange "Facebook LIVE-STREAMING" for your wedding in Hong Kong so that your friends and relatives can view LIVE your precious wedding moments from anywhere around the world! The good news is this LIVE-Streaming service is now FREE during our promotional period. Contact us or visit our Official Facebook Page for more information about how to get married in Hong Kong now!


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