Giving Notice of Intended Marriage for Hong Kong Marriage

Notice of Intended Marriage for Hong Kong Marriage

As you apply to get married in Hong Kong, it is necessary to give a Notice of Intended Marriage before the formal registration of your marriage. Whatever you are local residents or foreigners coming from other countries, celebrating the marriage in a Hong Kong Marriage Registry or Licensed Church in Hong Kong, you must submit a Notice of Intended Marriage in advance to a marriage registry. 

So, when should you prepare to give a Notice of Intended Marriage? 

As required by the Hong Kong Marriage Registry, a marriage can only take place after a Notice of Intended Marriage has been exhibited at the office of the Registrar for a period of not less than 15 days and not more than 3 months. Therefore, you may prepare to give a Notice of Intended Marriage when you are going to have the wedding day in 3-month time but don't make it less than the 15-day requirement. Generally, we would suggest couples to give the Notice of Intended Marriage at least 1 month before the wedding day.

For information required for giving of Notice of Intended Marriage, this part is quite straight-forward. Normally it only needs information like the names of the groom and bride, marital condition, occupation, age, names of parents and residential addresses etc. However, the requirements may be slightly different in some situation. For example, for those who is aged under 21 or being divorced person, some documents such as the consent from parent or divorce certificate may also be required. 

How can foreigners living overseas give the Notice of Intended Marriage

For foreigner couples, it is NOT necessary for you to come over to Hong Kong in weeks or months before the wedding day in order to give the Notice! We will help you submit all the required paper so that your Notice of Intended Marriage can be properly filed before your travelling to Hong Kong.  The wedding couples can then arrive in Hong Kong only a few days before the wedding day, making the marriage application much easier.

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