• Hong Kong Marriage Ceremony for FAQ

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Hong Kong Marriage Registration

    • Can tourists get married in Hong Kong?

    Certainly yes! Tourists are welcomed to register their marriage in Hong Kong!

    Is the wedding procedure difficult in Hong Kong?

No worries, the application process is simple and straightforward. Don't get frustrated, feel free to contact us for free advices on necessary documents, required timeline as well as information about registration fees.

How long would the application process take?

The whole application process may take several weeks to months, depending on your particular situations. Normally you should prepare all the required paper and make an application to the marriage office within 3 months from the wedding day. As the booking of the marriage registry is based on a first-come-first-served basis, we would suggest you to kickstart the application as soon as possible.

Do the wedding couple need to travel to Hong Kong for several times for the marriage registration?

No, the wedding couple only need to visit Hong Kong ONCE. Normally, you only have to arrive in Hong Kong a few days ahead your wedding day. 

What can the couple do if their Hong Kong Marriage Certificate is lost after returning to their home country?

We provide assistance in applying for certified copies of Hong Kong Marriage Certificate, which holds the same legal status as the original one. Not to worry, we will send it to your home if necessary. 

Can the couple choose to celebrate their wedding before a civil celebrant of marriages?

Certainly YES. It's your choice to have your wedding celebrated before a civil celebrant or before an official registrar in a Hong Kong Marriage Registry.

Still got some questions?

Please feel free to leave your questions here or contact us at wedding@startconsultant.com for anything you wish to know about getting married in Hong Kong. We will try our best to get you some answers and work that out together with you. We look forward to making your wedding dreams come true in Hong Kong!