HK Marriage Registry

The City Hall Marriage Registry and Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry are the most popular official marriage registry sites in Hong Kong. At an official HK marriage registry, your wedding ceremony and marriage certificate will be authenticated by an Official Deputy Registrar of Marriages.

These two featured and aesthetic marriage registries are of extremely high cultural and historical values. They are designated as the Grade I Historical Buildings by the Hong Kong Government. It must be a wonderful time of life for having your wedding celebrated in such a special and highly cultural HK marriage registry!

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Please go to Reviews for the after-feel of our wedding couples marrying at the HK Marriage Registry. They simply look gorgeous and had a great time in the wedding!

Choice Other Than Official HK Marriage Registry

Other than the Official HK Marriage Registries, you may choose to celebrate your wedding before a Civil Celebrant of Marriages at any hour and any place in Hong Kong. Civil celebrants are either solicitors or notaries public who meet the statutory criteria in Hong Kong. During the wedding ceremony, the Civil Celebrant will sign on your Hong Kong Marriage Certificate.

You can always enjoy the most flexibilities in arranging your wedding in Hong Kong! For more details of civil celebrant marriage, please go to Civil Celebrant of Marriages.