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City Hall Marriage Registry

city hall marriage registry in hong kong

The Popular HK Marriage Registry 

City Hall Marriage Registry is one of the most popular Official Marriage Registry sites in Hong Kong. At City Hall Marriage Registry, your wedding will be celebrated by an Official Deputy Registrar of Marriages who will sign on your HK Marriage Certificate.

History of Hong Kong City Hall Building

Completed in 1960, the HK City Hall is the oldest city hall in Hong Kong. It was the venue for official events. The 24th to the 28th Governors of HK all swore their oaths of office at the City Hall. Guard inspection would be held outside the City Hall welcoming the arrival of the Royal visitors including HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRM Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Built in between the High Block and Low Block of the Hall, there is a Memorial Garden, open to the sky, bordered on three sides by a wall one storey high, interspersed with glass panels and supporting a promenade, which was in commemoration of soldiers and citizens who gave their lives in the defence of HK during the Second World War. The City Hall was confirmed as the Grade 1 Historic Building in Hong Kong on 18 Dec 2009.  

Unique Place for Marriage Ceremony

Immediate next to the garden, on the first floor of the high block, is the City Hall Marriage Registry office. The HK marriage registry is always busy, particularly during the weekends and auspicious days when gaily decorated bridal cars and gatherings of wedding guests contribute their own fleeting touches to the colorful tides of humanity that ceaselessly flow through the City Hall doors. The spacious Memorial Garden offers an ideal photo-shooting environment for the newly weds with your friends and families. 

internal decorations of city hall marriage registry in hong kong

Spectacular Metropolitan View nearby City Hall

Situated in the hub of the business centre, the City Hall Marriage Registry is surrounded by skyscrapers of exquisite design. They were built throughout the course of time, testifying the prosperity of HK. For example, the Bank of China Tower was designed by Pei Ieoh Ming, the world famous Chinese architect in 1982. The 415-meter tall International Financial Centre (IFC) II Tower and HSBC Main Building nearby are well known as the landmarks of HK. Besides commercial buildings, the Legislative Council Building (served as home of the HK Legislative Council in 1985 - 2011), opened on 15 January 1912, is one of the oldest western-style architectures in HK. You might wish to create your stylish wedding album with these backgrounds.

nearby buildings around city hall marriage registry

Easily Accessible City Hall

The City Hall Marriage Registry is located at the High Block of Hong Kong City Hall at the Edinburgh Place in the Central District of HK and is only a 7-minute walk from the MTR Central Station.

Getting Married in Hong Kong

For more information about marriage registration in Hong Kong, please see How to get married in Hong Kong.

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