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Other Wedding Venues by Civil Celebrants in Hong Kong

Other than the official marriage registries, you can also have your wedding celebrated by a civil celebrant in other places such as beach, hotel ballroom, dining room, garden, ferry or even on a tram! It's just up to your choice! 

A civil celebrant of marriages is a qualified solicitor or notary public in Hong Kong. The civil celebrant will administer the wedding ceremony and sign on your Hong Kong Marriage Certificate.

Special wedding venues are in high demands in Hong Kong. It can take months to make a reservation in advance. So just get started now and don't miss your chance to your unique wedding in Hong Kong!

A Little Reminder about Marriage Ceremony by Civil Celebrant:

It should be noted that some government authorities do not accept the reporting of marriage certificate signed by Hong Kong civil celebrant. When you report your Hong Kong marriage in your own country, the authority may request you to apply separately for a certified copy of the Hong Kong marriage certificate which is signed by an official registrar.

For more information about the difference between the classic marriage registry wedding and civil celebrant wedding, please read our blog post of How to Choose between Marriage Registry Wedding and Civil Celebrant Wedding.

Getting Married in Hong Kong

For more information about marriage registration in Hong Kong, please see How to get married in Hong Kong.

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