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"Thanks for your friendly and professional service we will certainly recommend you to our friends."

Mr & Mrs Bunch
from UK and Philippines
Jan 2017


"Thank you for the pictures. They are very beautiful, thank you so much. I also like to say that it was a pleasure to work with you and many thanks again for your great support."

Mr & Mrs Trommel
from Germany and Philippines
Jan 2017


"We thank you for everything, making everything hassle-free for us, we could not ask for anything more or better."

Mr & Mrs Seestie
from Finland and Philippines
Jan 2017


"Thanks for everything, nothing is better than the very best in customer service. You guys are a very great company. I will say the best part of our ceremony is having you and your company look after us and make our day so special"

Mr & Mrs Greer
from Canada and Philippines
Dec 2016


"Your services were excellent, and very well organised. You covered everything with the paperwork, and were very thorough."

Mr & Mrs Williams
from Australia
Nov 2016

hong kong wedding couple 2

"I have had a quick look at the photos and once again thank you for your services. The photos are perfect. Having your help made the day go smoothly for all of us."

Mr & Mrs Ciesielski
from Australia & Hong Kong
Nov 2016


"It was funny during the p
rofessional photography... It was great to have you in our wedding."

Mr & Mrs Andrejek
from Germany & Philippines
Nov 2016


"Thank you! Great services throughout."

Mr & Mrs Rowland
from Ireland & Singapore
Oct 2016


"Thanks a lot for helping us on our wedding day! Without you, we wouldn't be a married couple now. Many thanks for making it possible!"

Mr & Mrs Kaergel
from Germany & China
Oct 2016


"We are so grateful for your untiring help. The photos that you taken for us are all beautiful. Our wedding memories will be unforgettable experience we have lots of experience and happiness during the short trip in Hong Kong... We will still keep in touch with you. Take care and God bless."

Mr & Mrs Maming
from Philippines & Canada
Oct 2016


"We would love to express our thanks dearly for all of your work. You have been very helpful at all times which has been priceless to us. Please keep up your amazing job. We sincerely thank you for all of your excellent work."

Mr & Mrs Martin Otero
from Spain & Hong Kong
Sep 2016


"I must take this opportunity to say that your service was excellent, I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone."

Mr & Mrs Narang
from India & UK
Sep 2016


"Thanks for the excellent arrangements, photos and great food recommendat

Mr & Mrs Lim
from Malaysia & China
Aug 2016


"Thank you so much for everything! We had a great time and cannot thank you enough.....Thank you so much again, please let us know if you are in New York!"

Mike & Azziza
from USA
Jan 2016


"I wanted to take a moment to tell you that your staff did a great job. They were very friendly, professional, kind, efficient and a truly wonderful person to be with on our wedding day......We had a wonderful time and you made it so much better. We truly appreciate your assistance and enjoyed having you with us. You did a fantastic job! Please stay in touch

Mr & Mrs Baxter
from USA & Philippines


"Your staff have been part of our special day of wedding, we cannot forget StartHongKongMarriage.com which made it possible for our wedding and especially your staff....seriously thank you and we appreciate you...we have seen our pictures on the Facebook Page and we are proud that we've been part of the history of StartHongKongMarriage.com, we really appreciate your effor

Mr & Mrs Taguiran
from Philippines & Canada


"All services were very good. The services were completed to our satisfaction and your staff were helpful throughout the marriage application. We would recommend you to

Mr & Mrs O'Toole
from Ireland & Philippines